Dads To Be Super Powers – 10 Father’s Day Tips during Pregnancy

Is your partner expecting and you are in family way? Hey! Congratulations to all Dads to be who are about to embark on this beautiful and amazing journey known as Fatherhood. The role of a father-to-be in a pregnancy is crucial and significant. While the physical aspects of pregnancy are experienced by the mother, fathers can actively participate and contribute in various ways to support their partner and prepare for the arrival of their child. After all a Role of a father is to bring more than a paycheque. Thus it begins with doing everything you can for your spouse during this crucial time.

Dad to be on Father's Day

10 Ways Fathers Can Play an Important Role During Pregnancy

It is no secret that women who have supporting partners during pregnancy tend to take better care of themselves and may feel less stressed during and after pregnancy. Their babies may be born healthier too. By supporting your partner you will be better prepared for the joys of Fatherhood ahead. So this Father’s Day let’s get on with ways in which dads can matter to their child before arrival.

Psychological Support-

This involves providing emotional encouragement, understanding, and reassurance to help your spouse navigate the various physical and emotional changes that accompany pregnancy. It includes being empathetic, attentive, and actively involved in her emotional well-being.

In short as her body is growing and changing to nurture the special life the two of you created with your love, the least you can do is Listen to your wives!! Try to understand and empathise by providing a comforting presence and/or validate her feelings.

Be There…!

Supporting your partner means being present with her and sharing in the pregnancy as much as possible. Clear your schedule to accompany her for all the antenatal visits to the doctor. You’ll be able to ask questions and listen to your baby’ heartbeat, see your baby in ultrasounds. Help your partner make right decisions regarding their pregnancy or birth plan and know to facilitate their health routine.

Educate yourself on Child Birth-

Now is the time to learn all you can about foetal development, physical changes your partner is experiencing and becoming a parent. Fathers can educate themselves about the various stages of pregnancy, common discomforts, and childbirth processes. This knowledge enables them to provide informed support and be actively involved throughout the journey. There are also many child birth classes like Lamaze that one can attend with their partner.

Offer Physical Comfort-

Pregnancy can come with discomforts such as backaches, fatigue, and swollen feet. So all Dads to be can provide physical comfort by giving massages, assisting with relaxation techniques, or helping the mother find comfortable positions for sleep. Don’t hesitate to tie those shoe laces once she reaches her last trimester. Just read her something she loves and do not stop with all the cuddles.

Up your Game…

Pregnancy can leave your partner exhausted and unwell, so step up and take over more of the household chores, meal preparation and shopping. Be mindful of foods and smells that make your partner nauseated, and avoid them for now. Take an active role in preparing the baby’s nursery and selecting items for the baby. Try learning how to install that car seat or how to make her favourite ‘Pasta’.

Promote Healthy Habits-

Work with your partner to help ensure she stays healthy during pregnancy. Help her avoid intake of harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol, packaged food, or anything unhealthy for her and the baby. Join your partner in eating healthy foods and drinking healthy fluids. Encourage her to eat at regular intervals and take adequate rest. Remind her to take all her medications timely.

Minimize Stress….

Just say No to all the family drama or fights at this critical juncture in your life. You all Dads to be are responsible for minimising all the stress by cooperating and calmly talking out all the differences. Take walks together – you’ll get exercise and share quiet time to talk. Or much better travel with her to that place you both always had on your bucket list for her Babymoon!

Bond with your unborn Baby-

Bonding with the baby in the womb is a beautiful experience for both parents, including the father. For Dads to be, it is even more precious as they are unable to feel the physical aspects of nurturing one. Engage in conversations and sing to the baby in the womb. The sound of the father’s voice can be soothing and comforting for both the mother and the baby.

Gently touching and massaging the mother’s belly can help create a connection with the baby. The father can feel the baby’s movements and respond with gentle touches or soft movements. Establish a special ritual or routine with the baby in mind. It can be as simple as talking or saying goodnight to the baby before sleep, or having a designated time to connect with the baby every day.

Brace yourself for a changed Sex Life…

As you and your partner embark on this journey of parenthood, be prepared for changed dynamics in your sex life with the entry of your baby. It is the elephant in the room that is never discussed. You two are not the same free spirits anymore that can have your passionate love making as and when you want to.

However that doesn’t mean that the romance has ended, things will be different but better with your constant efforts. Remember that sex is usually safe during pregnancy but respect her wishes about what is comfortable for her. Give her that Date Night with all your heart. Some candles and romantic music is never out of date.

Providing Ongoing Love and Encouragement-

Pregnancy is a time filled with physical and emotional changes, and your partner may feel self-conscious about her growing body. Let her know that she is beautiful, and praise for taking great care of herself and the baby. Celebrate her growing belly by taking monthly photos. The role of a father extends beyond pregnancy. Dads to be can continue to offer support after the baby is born by actively participating in childcare, helping with household tasks, and providing emotional support to the mother during the postpartum period.

End Note-

Overall, the involvement of fathers during pregnancy creates a supportive and connected environment for both parents. It fosters a sense of partnership and enhances the overall experience of pregnancy and the transition into parenthood. So all you Dads to be out there, we ask you to love and embrace this journey known as fatherhood.

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